Prevention and Screenings 2022

Taking charge of one’s personal health is something that the team at Comprehensive Cancer Centers encourages everyone to take seriously. The foundation of managing personal health comes from setting and following through with scheduling regular appointments with your care providers.

While the necessity and benefits of getting health screenings done each year is something that seems obvious, many people still don’t get them done. That happens, even though these exams are covered by health insurance plans and may save your life.

So how can people make sure they get the screenings they need? A great way is to set aside one day or a portion of the day near the end of the year to think about the appointments you’ll need and make calls to get them on the calendar for the new year. This includes visits to your regular physician, eye doctor, a dermatologist, gynecologist and other specialists you may have for specific health requirements. It’s beneficial to see each of these doctors for the following reasons:

  • General Physicians – These doctors help provide the entire spectrum of care. By seeing them each year you can build baselines that can more easily detect changes in your overall health. This can include checking blood pressure, looking at blood markers which can indicate an illness such as cancer, as well as other screenings for potential health issues. These doctors will also help you set up screening and consultations with specialists specific to your personal health.
  • Eye Doctors – Eye exams will make sure that you’re able to see properly, which is important for successfully navigating many aspects of life, including work, school and ability to drive safely. Eye doctors are also looking for potential health issues you may not know they’re looking for during your exam. This includes checking blood pressure, risks for diabetes, thyroid disease and even cancerous tumors.  The eyes tell many health stories, and by seeing your eye doctor once per year, your health will be much better managed.
  • Dermatologists – We’re fortunate living in Las Vegas affords us the opportunity to enjoy many sunny days. All of the freely available sun can cause health issues, though, most notably skin cancers. By seeing your dermatologist for an annual full body exam, you’ll be sure that any changes to your skin will be noted and tracked closely to lead to early diagnoses of any potential problems.
  • Dentists – Similar to eye exams, a visit to the dentist may uncover health issues beyond what you may have expected from a basic teeth cleaning. People with health issues including diabetes, leukemia, and immune compromised patients will exhibit signs that dentists can detect during exams. Dental exams can also reveal oral cancer that otherwise might not be found until it’s too late.
  • Gynecologists – For women, the need to monitor gynecological health is a necessity and every year should include a visit to a gynecologist for screenings, which include a breast exam and order for a mammogram. For instances of breast cancer, it’s important to consider specialists, including breast surgeons, should health or family history necessitate a closer monitoring of breast health.
  • Additional Specialists – Similar to breast cancer screenings, it’s important to make sure any visits to specialists for other health risks is part of your annual screening plan. This includes for most men seeing specialists for prostate cancer exams and screenings. Another important screening to note is a colonoscopy for men and women starting at age 45. When meeting with your doctors, be sure to outline what else your health care may require, depending on your age, personal health and family history.

Good Ways to Set up Annual Appointments

As noted early in the story, while the benefits of screenings are obvious, sometimes people can forget to get them on the calendar, and even forget to go to them when they are scheduled.  Comprehensive recommends using simple techniques such as getting all of your appointments in the same month, which can create something of a holiday on your calendar like ‘Medical May’ or ‘Annual Exam August.’

While these mental reminder techniques may seem funny, grouping appointments together can create the opportunity for doctors to more closely collaborate. Collaboration between doctors is absolutely critical for optimal healthcare, and patients have the ability to make collaborations more effective by sharing their concerns with each doctor that treats them. This could include a scenario where a health problem with your tooth could lead you to a discussion with your dentist and then with your general physician, all within a shorter window of time.

When scheduling appointments for the year, make sure to account for your age and physical health to get all the tests and screening necessary. If you are unsure about what tests and screenings you may need, or have never seen a general physician, begin with an initial appointment that builds out a complete care schedule you can then begin scheduling in advance.

Comprehensive Cancer Centers Can Help

Should any part of your care team find a problem that requires a referral for a close look, the physicians at Comprehensive Cancer Centers provide a variety of treatment options for cancer, blood disorders, breast health conditions, pulmonary disease and sleep disorders, as well as access to world-class clinical research. To schedule an appointment with the team at Comprehensive, please call 702-952-3350.


The content is this post is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of qualified health providers with questions you may have regarding medical conditions.