Reading List for Cancer

Comprehensive Cancer Centers understands that one of the more difficult aspects with a cancer diagnosis comes from the realization that a diagnosis extends beyond a patient’s own needs. A patient’s treatment and recovery often effect the entire family. It’s important for the entire family to have an understanding of what the other person might be thinking or feeling throughout the journey, so we’ve come up with a reading list to help navigate these times.

Communicating a Cancer Diagnosis to Family

When someone receives a cancer diagnosis, the patient often asks about how to best share the tough news with loved ones. When it comes to patients who have children it’s very helpful to have access to resources to help explain the news, from diagnosis and treatment and through to recovery.

The physicians, providers and staff at Comprehensive are experienced in helping patients find ways to communicate a cancer diagnosis with their children and caregivers. An important part of the team’s recommendations in that patients uses as many resources as possible to find the right approaches, with many of them now easily accessible online. Additionally, we encourage caregivers to find books and other resources to help them navigate their own feelings about their loved one’s diagnosis.

Everyone reacts to challenges in different ways, so there is never a single roadmap that people can use to discuss cancer with children or other family members, so finding as many resources as possible is very important. Resources can include other people you know with cancer, online resources such as social media groups, blogs, podcasts and books.

The following is a reading list and other resources that the team at Comprehensive Cancer finds helpful for patients, children and caregivers:

Books for Cancer Patients

Books for Children of Cancer Patients

Books for Caregivers

Podcasts about Cancer

Blogs about Cancer

Beyond media resources, the team at Comprehensive Cancer Centers is always available to help navigate discussions about cancer with their children and other family members. This can be done on the phone or during treatment and follow up appointments.

Comprehensive Cancer Centers Can Help

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