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An important part of Comprehensive Cancer Centers’ efforts to raise awareness for the benefits of cancer screenings and early detection, comes from getting out in the community. For residents of Las Vegas, there aren’t many community events more enjoyable, and inspiring, than hockey games played by the Vegas Golden Knights.

Vegas Golden Knights and Comprehensive

Comprehensive has established a partnership with the team to help raise awareness about cancer through the sharing of inspiring stories from those who have overcome the disease, or who are currently battling cancer. The oncology practice has partnered with the Vegas Golden Knights to share patients’ stories via social media, as well as invited patients to attend games where they’ve been able to kick off the Hockey Fights Cancer game by ringing the team’s siren inside The Fortress.

In 2021, Comprehensive Cancer and the Golden Knights were proud to host Krystal Galindo, a breast cancer survivor and patient of Comprehensive, who was honored with an invitation by Comprehensive Cancer Centers to attend Golden Knights Hockey Fights Cancer game in November.

The practice was thrilled to surprise Krystal by fulfilling her wish to not only be honored by the Golden Knights, but to ring the siren. The game day experience was set up initially as just an invitation to the game, by a visit at her office by Chance, the team’s mascot, the team’s announcers, the Vegas Vivas, and a video from star defenseman Shea Theodore. When Krystal and her family were at the game, they were also surprised with the addition of cranking the siren to her gameday itinerary. You can see videos of Krystal in action here, and here.

Krystal’s cancer journey extends beyond sharing her story at the Golden Knights game, with her efforts in the community including sharing inspiring messages through her podcast. A focal point of the podcast includes information about Cold Capping, a process that saves women from having their hair fall out by freezing the hair follicles so they don’t absorb any chemotherapy drugs. The process lessens some of the burden of treatment by helping women feel like treatment is less disruptive in their lives.

Cold Capping hat chills to extremely cold temperatures ranging from -15 to -40 degrees Fahrenheit and must be worn before, during and after chemotherapy treatment. It’s not an easy process and for some it may add more pain to an already painful journey, but for Krystal doing this enabled her to protect her very young children from having to fully comprehend what their mom was going through in her cancer journey.

Krystal is now actively sharing her cancer journey on social media to help raise awareness and funds for other breast cancer patients interested in Cold Capping, and the importance of making it more accessible for cancer patients nationwide.

In addition to the practice’s relationship with inspiring people like Krystal, Comprehensive has also teamed up with Golden Knight defenseman, Shea Theodore, another cancer survivor, to help raise awareness and encourage more cancer screenings for those in need.

Comprehensive and Shea launched Kay’s Power Play to empower women in Southern Nevadan and serve as a critical lifeline for those needing preventative resources like mammograms. At its core, Kay’s Power Play focuses on awareness, access, and education people about why mammograms are important. Those most in-need — including the uninsured, underinsured and patients under 40 years old, whose mammograms are not covered by insurance — may tap into Kay’s Power Play to stay one step ahead of a potentially life-altering diagnosis.

Additionally, and as part of the collaboration, a new initiative called the Mammo Cup, was launched to raise awareness about preventative measures and screening exams.

The Mammo Cup initiative strives to get as many Southern Nevada women as possible to have their annual mammograms. At designated locations and after completing their mammogram, any and all Southern Nevada women may receive a limited edition and specially designed Mammo Cup patch that they may don on their favorite Golden Knights jersey or keepsake. As part of the Mammo Cup patch program, anyone who completes their annual mammogram is a true champion.

The Mammo Cup patch is available for those completing their annual mammogram at select locations throughout the valley including Breast Center at Sunrise, Desert Radiology, Desert View Hospital, Nevada Health Centers Mammovan, Pueblo Medical Imaging, Simon Med Imaging, Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging and Summerlin Hospital. Quantities are limited.

Comprehensive Cancer Centers Can Help

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