Cancer Support Group

We know this is a difficult time, but you can do this. We also know that having support can make a difference. Many hospitals, cancer centers, community groups, and schools offer cancer support groups. American Cancer Society is a great place to search support groups in your area. We have patient resources that our team can recommend for you, and they will help you to stay connected during and after your cancer treatment journey.

Always remember that our team of cancer specialists are here to answer all of your questions and connect you with the resources you’ll need while navigating your cancer treatment journey.

Breast Cancer Support Group

Comprehensive Cancer also offers a breast cancer support group for breast cancer survivors. Learn more by clicking here.

Benefits of a Cancer Support Group

Cancer patients may experience a variety of emotions in response to their cancer diagnosis. They may feel shocked, angry, or disbelief. Cancer support groups were developed for this reason specifically and provide many benefits to patients throughout their cancer journey.

It’s a safe place to share your feelings

When you attend a cancer support group, you’ll be provided with a safe space to share your genuine feelings. Support group leaders—whether they’re a licensed therapist, current cancer patient or a survivor—give you the floor to talk about your experience living with cancer and going through the cancer treatment process.

Some topics discussed within a group may be too difficult for others without cancer to hear or understand. A support group often serves as a community for patients and survivors.

Various support groups have also been set up for caregivers and friends or family members of those going through cancer. These groups serve a similar purpose and allow loved ones to come together to express their feelings with others going through a similar situation.

It allows you to learn from other cancer patients

Within a group, you may be introduced to patients with various types of cancers and many different experiences. You can easily learn from patients who’ve experienced the same things as you. You can also learn what to expect from certain types of treatment, what to do about cancer-related pain, and how to manage side effects of cancer treatment medication. Patients can also share how to best communicate with your oncologist and your family and friends.

It helps you cope with your emotions

When you attend a cancer support group, you’ll learn the tools to help cope with changing emotions. Many cancer patients leave support groups feeling less depressed and anxious. They take advice from their support system and feel more hopeful about their condition.