Filling Prescriptions for Cancer Treatment

Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada has on-site pharmacy services.

On-site pharmacy

All medications, including filling prescriptions, are based on your current condition.

Follow-up appointments are scheduled so that we can monitor your condition and adjust your medications accordingly. If you did not keep your last appointment, we will give you refills for a limited period to allow you time to schedule a new appointment.

If you have questions regarding filling prescription medications, please call during normal office hours when a physician or member of their staff can refer to your medical record.

Important Note: It is very important that you do not allow substitutions to be made for the medication(s) your Comprehensive Cancer Centers physician has prescribed. Please ensure your pharmacist fills your prescription exactly as prescribed by your physician.

Laboratory Tests at Comprehensive Cancer

Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada performs many of the routine lab tests that are required for your treatment. Laboratory testing is a key component of the detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Our on-site laboratory provides quick results for many routine laboratory tests, helping physicians prescribe or adjust your treatment plan as needed without unnecessary delays in your treatment plan.

There may be some tests, however, that are not offered and must be done in outside labs. Also, your insurance company may require that some or all of your testing be done in outside labs. Outside labs are timely in analyzing results, and all testing is handled in a confidential manner, no matter where it is performed.

The time required for accurate test results varies. Your doctor will receive the results of your tests as soon as they are available, and will discuss the results with you during your next appointment.