Financial Counseling at Comprehensive

The financial aspect of dealing with cancer can be complex and overwhelming. At Comprehensive Cancer Centers, we offer counselors who will provide financial counseling services. They will meet with you on your first visit to review your insurance benefits and financial responsibilities. They are here to help answer your questions about the cost of treatment and, on your behalf, handle insurance inquiries, verifications and claims processing.

For patients whose insurance coverage is inadequate, or the insurance company chooses not to cover services, our financial counselors can help identify assistance programs that may offer help in meeting financial obligations. Additionally, our social worker can connect you to services and resources in your community such as disability, supplemental Medicaid programs and medication assistance programs.

Your financial counselors can also provide a cost estimate of your out-of-pocket expense once a treatment plan has been determined by you and your physician. We will file your medical insurance at no charge.

Please bring your insurance identification cards and picture identification, as well as any special claims forms your insurance company may require, and if your insurance company requires special claim forms, bring those with you as well. It is important to let us know if your insurance company requires authorization or pre-certification prior to treatment or hospitalization. Failure to do so may cause a reduction in your benefits.

If you begin to experience financial difficulties, please talk to your Comprehensive Cancer Centers Financial Counselor who can assist you with financial or insurance issues, disability counseling, advocacy and resources.

We will do everything we can to help you and your family. Please do not hesitate to ask questions at any time.