Educational Services and Cancer Treatment

Understanding your disease and having the latest educational services and information will help you feel more comfortable making choices about your care. Comprehensive Cancer Centers personnel have extensive knowledge about cancer-related challenges and vast resources of information about the various types of cancers and their treatments. We will help connect you to the services and programs you need—many of which are offered within our cancer treatment centers.

Chemotherapy Classes

If you are starting chemotherapy for the first time, offers a chemotherapy class several times per week. All new patients — we encourage family members to come, too — are required to attend this class before their first chemotherapy treatment. The class lasts about an hour, depending on the number of questions our patients and their families have. Everyone takes home a folder, which contains useful information about experiencing and managing chemotherapy treatment.

During the class, patients learn about their upcoming chemotherapy treatment. They watch a video “Understanding Chemotherapy,” discuss side-effects and conditions to report to physicians, review terminology, and hear about the many support services available at Comprehensive, which include social worker, nutritional support, patient library, and pet therapy, as well as other support services offered through the American Cancer Society.

Before your treatment begins, chemotherapy training classes are coordinated with you personally by appointment.

American Cancer Society’s Quality of Life Center

Through this partnership with ACS, you can receive educational materials, wigs, quality of life programs and other needed supplies.

An American Cancer Society staff member or volunteer is present twice per week at our treatment center located at 3730 South Eastern Avenue. Please call 702.952.3400 for more information.