Immunotherapy unlocks the body’s own amazing defenses – the immune system.

In the past five years, there has been nothing short of a revolution in the way we understand and treat cancers. There are thousands of types of cancers and no two cases are alike. Finding a treatment that is effective for each individual has been the goal of researchers around the world.

Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada has been on the front lines of immunotherapy, an approach which is delivering amazing results for patients with cancer.

What is Immunotherapy?

Any individual could develop a cancer cell at some point in their life. The immune system will often recognize the cancerous cells and eliminate them. However, cancer can sometimes develop a “camouflage” to shield itself from the immune system. When camouflaged, the cells can then survive, grow, spread to other parts of the body. Immunotherapy can come into play by breaking down the camouflage, exposing the malignant cells and eliminating them.

Comprehensive has pioneered partnerships with numerous pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to develop many of these treatments. This allows patients from Southern Nevada easy access to promising drugs. These drugs are often only available in distant places such as Texas, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Europe.

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