Hematology Expertise



Comprehensive Cancer Centers offers a variety of cancer treatment options including the treatment for serious blood disorders, also known as hematology, a distinct subspecialty of internal medicine, separate from but overlapping with the subspecialty of medical oncology.

Physicians who specialize in hematology are known as hematologists. The hematologists at Comprehensive Cancer Centers have extensive expertise in treating disorders relating to blood and blood-forming organs and tissues, both for cancer and non-cancer patients.

Hematologists at Comprehensive generally work together to formulate a diagnosis and deliver the most appropriate therapy needed.

Comprehensive Cancer Center physicians specialize in medical oncology and can also treat serious blood disorders. Below is our complete list of medical oncologists:

Fadi Braiteh, MD
Stephani Christensen, MD
Khoi Dao, MD
Muhammad S. Ghani, MD
Oscar B. Goodman Jr., MD, PhD
Vikas Gupta, MD
Regan Holdridge, MD
Karen S. Jacks, MD
Henry P. Igid, MD
Clark S. Jean, MD
G.H. Kashef, MD
Dhan Kaushal, MD
Edwin Kingsley, MD
Anthony V. Nguyen, MD
Gregory Obara, MD
Rupesh J. Parikh, MD
H. Keshava Prasad, MD, MRCP, FRCPath
Ramalingam (Ram) Ratnasabapathy, MD
Wolfram Samlowski, MD, FACP
Hamidreza Sanatinia, MD
James Sanchez, MD
Restituto Tibayan, MD
Anu Thummala, MD
Brian Vicuna, MD