Program Provides Funding for Mammograms

Kay Darlington touched so many throughout her life, including but certainly not limited to her grandson Shea Theodore, defenseman of the Vegas Golden Knights, and her doctors at Comprehensive Cancer Centers. To honor her memory, Comprehensive and Shea have teamed up to create a new fund for Susan G. Komen Nevada known as “Kay’s Power Play.”

Impact of Kay’s Power Play

Nevada’s mammography rate remains more than 5% below the national average, currently sitting at 67%. Approximately 2,490 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in Nevada in 2021.

Kay’s Power Play will empower women in Southern Nevadan and serve as a critical lifeline for those needing preventative resources like mammograms. At its core, Kay’s Power Play will focus on awareness, access, why mammograms are important and funds. Those most in-need — including the uninsured, underinsured and patients under 40 years old, whose mammograms are not covered by insurance — may tap into Kay’s Power Play to stay one step ahead of a potentially life-altering diagnosis.

Additionally, and as part of the overarching collaboration, a future Mammo Cup event will be briefly announced to follow next year’s Stanley Cup (exact date and event structure to be determined at a later date). The goal of that awareness initiative will be for Southern Nevadans to obtain their mammograms and encourage other women to do so as well.

“We have witnessed firsthand that Shea’s passion for helping the Southern Nevada community is right up there with his passion on the ice,” said Jon Bilstein, CEO of Comprehensive. “In our efforts to help folks stay one step ahead of a cancer diagnosis, he is a valuable teammate. Kay’s Power Play will help enhance Nevada’s preventative landscape and, ultimately, save lives.”

Initial funding for Kay’s Power Play totals $50,000, stemming from a donation by Theodore as well as Comprehensive’s $500 per-point pledge based on Theodore’s points scored during the 2019-2020 season.

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