Healthy at Home to Prevent Cancer

The arrival of spring encourages people to make lifestyle changes to live more active lives. For many, these efforts can includes tidying up their home, with a spring cleaning or perhaps home renovations. The team at Comprehensive Cancer Centers celebrates cleaning and renovating at home, as according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American spends 93% of their life indoors.

When it comes to deciding to living life in a healthier fashion, making simple and smart changes at home can have a great impact on mental and physical well-being. And while making these plans, taking just a few minutes to evaluate your choices can make a major impact with very little effort.

Healthy Cleaning and Household Tips

Some choices to make when cleaning and upgrading the home can can come from looking at the following activities and making more careful decisions:

When doing activities indoors in spring, a great place to start is opening your windows and doors  to let in fresh air. Open doors and windows should be enjoyed during spring before the heat of summer arrives.

Even when not cleaning or doing other home upgrade activities, opening windows and doors occasionally is recommended to keep a home’s air fresh and provide airflow to remove toxins in the home (only 10 minutes of open widow time is necessary to make a difference). To keep your air clean, you should also empty vacuum bags and containers outside and always change your air filters regularly.

It’s difficult to conduct a spring cleaning comes without using cleaning supplies. When choosing supplies, consider options including organic products, as well as looking into homemade supplies that can be based off of simple products such as vinegar and baking soda. When mixing or using cleaning supplies, make sure to keep them away from your hands and face, and consider wearing a mask to avoid fumes, while cleaning.

Keeping your home clean is beneficial for the removal of dust. Dust can contain chemicals shed from electrical products, beauty supplies, flame retardants and the previously mentioned cleaning products and pesticides. Mopping floors and washing hands after completing these tasks is recommended. And wearing masks while cleaning is also helpful.

Life in Southern Nevada can include sharing our homes and yards with bugs. If you do use pesticides to chase away unwanted pests, be sure to avoid breathing in the spray by keeping fumes far away from your face when applying the chemicals. Also, be sure to keep the spray away from anything you may eat or drink. Wearing gloves and a mask is recommended, as is throwing away masks after every use.

Another important part of a spring refresh can come from painting a room or some furniture. As with when cleaning, fumes are something to account for. Taking a few seconds to put on a mask is a great start, as is selecting paints with low VO and non-toxic paint. As mentioned before, make sure to have windows and doors open while painting, as well as after you’re finished to let rooms properly air out. If you have cancer or lung conditions, such as COPD, make sure to take your time to paint, and take breaks to get fresh air.

When cooking, it’s important to know that Teflon and aluminum cookware may cause health issues. Stainless steel and glass and Pyrex cookware is recommended. If you do use Teflon or any other non-stick material when cooking, if flaking and chipping occurs be sure to throw them away and replace with new cookware.

For more helpful insights on healthy living, check our Comprehensive Cancer’s blog.

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