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A photo of Ali Khalaf at Comprehensive Cancer

Oncology Genetic Counselor

Ali Khalaf, MS, CGC

Ali Khalaf, MS, CGC is part of Comprehensive Cancer’s team of Oncology Genetic Counselors that help coordinate world-class patient treatment in a supportive and caring environment.

Ali Khalaf, MS, graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology before receiving his Master of Science in genetic counseling from the University of Utah.

Ali began his career as a behavioral therapist at Behavioral Health Works Inc. in Montclair, California, where he delivered direct care and offered support to individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Simultaneously, he assumed the role of a research assistant at the University of California Riverside’s life events lab, contributing to research endeavors focused on the optimal delivery of life-altering news by healthcare professionals.

In 2021, Ali pursued his master’s degree at the University of Utah. This marked the beginning of intensive didactic training, where he dove into the intricacies of all specialties within the realm of medical genetics. Following his didactic training, Ali transitioned into clinical and laboratory rotations, encompassing the provision of in-person and telehealth genetic counseling. Collaborating closely with healthcare professionals, Ali imparted comprehensive genetics education and ensured the delivery of effective patient care. His rotations spanned diverse clinical specialties, yet it was during his extended tenure providing cancer genetic counseling services for both pediatric and adult patients across outpatient and inpatient settings that Ali discovered his true passion. In 2024, he joined Comprehensive Cancer Centers as a board-certified genetic counselor.

In his free time, Ali likes hanging out with friends and family, staying active by working out and playing basketball, and traveling.

As a genetic counselor, I prioritize empathy, collaboration, and empowerment. I aim to create a supportive space where individuals feel heard and respected. My goal is to provide clear and comprehensive information, fostering a collaborative partnership that empowers patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare journey. I believe in tailoring the counseling process to each person’s unique needs and values, ensuring they feel supported and empowered throughout.

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Summerlin: Town Center

Genetic Counselor, American Board of Genetic Counseling

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