Community Cancer Care

Clinical research has paved the way for the development of promising new cancer therapies, and have helped saved lives of those with cancer, including patients of Comprehensive Cancer Centers.

Due to COVID-19 and other life events, unfortunately, many patients are delaying potentially life-saving care, delaying medications, or skipping treatments entirely. Care costs can be astronomical for patients without insurance, and even those with insurance struggle to afford copays, out-of-network care or treatments not covered by their plan.

A solution to these challenges comes in form of high quality and more cost-effective community-based cancer care, as provided by Comprehensive Cancer Centers. A multitude of studies have verified that cancer care delivered in a hospital setting costs significantly more than care delivered in a community setting, without providing any meaningful improvement in quality of care or outcomes.

Community-based cancer care is a better value for patients and the entire healthcare system, providing many other benefits in addition to cost savings. Conveniently located in local communities, like Las Vegas, where people live and work, patients do not have to travel long distances for access to some of the most advanced technologies, treatments and groundbreaking clinical trials available today. The close proximity to care also reduces ER visits and hospital admissions.

Community cancer centers offers more a personalized approach to care than large hospitals. In the hospital setting, patients often see different physicians, nurses and technicians throughout treatment. Community cancer centers, like Comprehensive, provide one team of professionals who are dedicated to each individual patient and their needs. Additionally, community cancer centers offer access to ancillary support services, such as social workers, financial counselors and other support staff.

At a time when cancer care costs are rapidly rising and becoming unsustainable to the healthcare system, community-based cancer care is the clear choice for patients, providing better value while delivering advanced, comprehensive quality care close to home.

On-Site Labs at Comprehensive Allow for Convenience and Speed

An appointment with an oncologist can be daunting and stressful. To alleviate some of the stress, Comprehensive has patients meet with their physician get bloodwork done in a matter of minutes and in the same location. This allows for a more convenient and positive patient experience where important treatment decisions can be made on the spot. Without an on-site lab, patients are required make several stops, wait for results, and only then can they follow up with their oncologist – taking more time than necessary.

Key Benefits of On-Site Labs at Comprehensive Cancer Centers

In addition to speed and convenience, on-site labs also offer these five key benefits:

  1. Direct supervision over quality and cost decreases operating expenses.
  2. Less pre-analytical handling of blood specimens reduces errors, inaccurate results.
  3. Follow-up testing easily added to existing blood sample without having to redraw.
  4. Consistent reference ranges mean decreased interpretation errors.
  5. Many research clinical trials require pre- and post-dosage test results.

Being Part of a Bigger Team with The US Oncology Network

While Comprehensive Cancer Centers is a community cancer care provider, the practice benefits from its affiliation with US Oncology — one of the nation’s largest networks of community-based oncology physicians dedicated to advancing cancer care in America. The service provider offers more than 1,000 physicians nationwide who collaborate with Comprehensive doctors and administrators in the development of clinical research, public policy initiatives and innovative cancer care advancements.

The US Oncology Network helps practices like Comprehensive Cancer Centers achieve significant and measurable cost savings through low standard pricing for equipment and materials, which ultimately reduce overhead costs by decreasing internal cost. This is critical as the health care landscape shifts to value-based medicine and adopts a model of payment for a treatment, rather than for an individual visit or service.

Comprehensive Cancer Centers Partnering for Research  

Comprehensive Cancer Centers also offers clinical trials by partnering with some of the world’s most prominent research affiliations and oncology-specialized organizations, including The US Oncology Network, UCLA TRIO-US, USC, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and leading pharmaceutical companies.

  • The US Oncology Network

Comprehensive Cancer Centers physicians are part of The US Oncology Network — one of the nation’s largest networks of community-based oncology physicians dedicated to advancing cancer care in America. The service provider offers more than 1,000 physicians nationwide who share in the development of clinical research, public policy initiatives and innovative cancer care advancements.

US Oncology Research has enrolled 72,000 patients in cancer clinical trials in communities across the country and offers more than 300 active trials at any given time. The research network has offered more than 1,600 trials since inception and has contributed to the development of 100 cancer therapies approved by the FDA. For more information about The US Oncology Network and clinical research information, click here.


Comprehensive Cancer Centers offers clinical trials through the UCLA TRIO-US Network, which is dedicated to advancing translational cancer research by bringing forward innovative and targeted therapeutic concepts into the clinical trial setting. To learn more about UCLA TRIO-US, click here.

  • Community Clinical Oncology Program

The Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP) was established by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in 1983. Through this program, community physicians work with scientists conducting NCI-supported clinical trials. The CCOP introduces the newest clinical research findings and procedures to community settings. Comprehensive is affiliated with Nevada Cancer Research Foundation, which is a CCOP. Through this affiliation, Comprehensive Caner oncologists are able to bring the latest cancer procedures and treatments to its patients.

Comprehensive Cancer Centers Can Help

Physicians at Comprehensive Cancer Centers provide a variety of treatment options in a community-based setting for patients with cancer, serious blood disorders, breast health conditions and pulmonary disease. To schedule an appointment with Comprehensive, please call 702-952-3350.

The content is this post is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of qualified health providers with questions you may have regarding medical conditions.