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With the summer heat in full effect,  you may be working up a thirst! While it’s easy to reach for a tasty tea or a sugary fruit drink, water is your best option year-round. The benefits of drinking water are endless—cancer-fighting and more. Discover why you should be drinking more water throughout the day.

Benefits of Drinking Water

Cancer-fighting qualities

Water is one of the most important nutrients in detoxifying your body and preventing cancer. This liquid is a foundational component of your body’s cells, providing nourishment to your whole body. Most of your bodily functions are supported by water, like maintaining a healthy body temperature, eliminating toxins, and joint health.

Also, water keeps things moving in your digestive tract. It helps push food through and promotes healthy digestion. Water flushes toxins out of the body, prevents buildup, and therefore prevents many diseases of the colon or rectum, like colorectal cancer.

Drinking water and eating more water-heavy foods can also help promote the healthy growth, survival, and reproduction of your body’s cells. This can protect your body’s organs like the colon, bladder, and breast tissue from developing cancer.

The importance of drinking water during chemotherapy

Drinking a lot of water during your chemotherapy treatment is also important. Your treatment and some medications have side effects that could cause severe dehydration. Make chemotherapy hydration a priority. When you drink plenty of water during treatment, it can help make your recovery a smoother process.

Overall health benefits

The benefits of drinking water don’t just stop at cancer prevention. Water can benefit the health and wellness of your whole body. Water balances fluids in your body. It helps with kidney function to excrete fluids and move fluids throughout.

It can also help you control calories. When you replace higher-calorie drinks with water, it can help you lose weight. Water-rich foods are also great, as they are healthier and make you feel full more quickly.

Water helps energize your muscles. Muscles can become dehydrated too and feel fatigued if you don’t drink enough water. Drinking water helps you perform a better workout and avoid feeling tired.

Lastly, water keeps your skin looking healthy. Being dehydrated can make your skin look dry or wrinkled. Drinking more water can help prevent that.

How Much Water Should I Drink Each Day?

Experts recommend you drink around eight 8-oz glasses of water a day. Your water intake should be greater than or equal to your output, or the amount of water you lose on a daily basis. When the weather is warmer during summer or if you exercise frequently, it’s even more important to avoid dehydration.

To reap the benefits of drinking water, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, keep a bottle of water with you at your desk at work or in your bag.

Cancer-Fighting Tips and More

One of the most important steps in cancer prevention is eating a healthy, balanced diet. Check our blog for some great cancer-fighting recipes. To schedule an appointment with Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada, call us at (702) 952-3350.

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