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Going through cancer treatment can be a difficult journey. However, many patients reduce their stress by welcoming support from loved ones and their cancer care team. One of the many ways you can relieve stress during your cancer journey is with fun activities. Try out some of these activities for cancer patients.

Why Activities for Cancer Patients Can Be Beneficial

During chemotherapy, you’re often in the clinic for a while depending on your treatment plan. Before you start, learn what to bring to the first chemo treatment. Then, start planning how you can keep your mind occupied and pass the time. Relaxing activities can be helpful for cancer patients during treatment and at home.

Read on to learn more about our favorite things to do for cancer patients.

How to Pass Time during Chemo and at Home

Reading a good book

The first of our cancer patient activities is one that’s tried and true. Reading a good book is a healthy and productive way to reduce stress. During your next appointment, bring a fiction book or e-book for fun, a nonfiction book or e-book to learn a skill or an inspirational book or e-book written by cancer survivors to provide you some support.

Creating some art

Creating art can be relaxing and meditative. When you draw or doodle in a coloring book, you can express your emotions through art. Draw the settings around you, the things you dream about, your loved ones, or something more abstract—the possibilities are endless! There are also adult coloring books that are widely popular and can be used as a welcome distraction.

Knitting or other crafts

The next of our activities for cancer patients is a popular one. Many cancer patients enjoy knitting or crocheting during chemotherapy to pass the time. Origami is also a fun hobby to learn. These crafts keep the hands busy, and you’ll be creating a fun product that can be a gift. These activities offer brain health benefits as they maintain or improve memory and cognitive function.


You don’t have to be a professional writer to enjoy journaling. Writing down your thoughts and feelings in a private journal can be great to help with stress relief and reflection. You could also find writing prompts online and grow your writing skills by responding to creative short story prompts each week.

Completing a puzzle

Completing puzzles like crosswords, jigsaws or Sudoku are great to keep your mind busy as well. Like knitting, puzzles can also help maintain brain health. Puzzles don’t require too much energy, and you can do them pretty much anywhere. Get your loved ones to participate and help you complete one!

Gardening at home

Gardening is another great activity for cancer patients, as it gets you to take a trip outside and enjoy some sunshine! This can include family members as well. Building and maintaining a home garden can be fun and relieve stress. Watch your plants grow and thrive, and enjoy the beautiful colors outside your window or as you approach your front door. Check with your cancer care team to make sure gardening is not too extensive of exercise.

Tablets at Comprehensive

At Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada, we offer our patients with individual tablets during chemotherapy to help pass the time. The tablets offer the latest movies, inspirational stories or more information about the practice.

More Support for Cancer Patients

Need more support for cancer patients? Contact your cancer care team at Comprehensive by calling (702) 952-3350. We’ll answer any questions you have and provide you with the most helpful resources during your cancer journey.

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