Careers at Comprehensive Cancer Centers



Comprehensive Cancer Centers, an affiliate of The US Oncology Network, is the award-winning multi-specialty practice offering careers in medical oncology, hematology, radiation oncology, breast surgery and pulmonary medicine. The practice employs more than 600 medical professionals at treatment centers and offices throughout Southern Nevada. The team is also made up of clinical and administration teams working to serve patients with cancer, serious blood disorders, lung diseases and sleep disorders. Learn more about the team here.

To keep employees focused and motivated, Comprehensive Cancer Centers has built a positive work culture that boosts morale, encourages open communication and promotes a healthy and stimulating lifestyle both inside and outside Comprehensive Cancer Centers’ walls.

Comprehensive Shared Values

The entire practice operates from the same shared values called Cancer Care. This stands for:
C-Customer Service
N-New Ideas

A-Analytical Thinking
R-Respect for Others
E-Ethical Standards.

These values are fundamental to our day-to-day operations with employees and managers being evaluated on their performance in these areas on their annual reviews.

Employees are the company’s most treasured assets and they are treated and recognized as so. Our executive team recognizes employees a number of ways throughout the year, including annual parties and years-of-services awards.

The team at Comprehensive Cancer Centers of has developed a passion for helping the residents of Southern Nevada through sponsorships, volunteer efforts and community partnerships. For more information about our community involvement, visit our Community Support page.

For its commitment to employee satisfaction, Comprehensive Cancer Centers has been awarded “The Best Company to Work For” from Southern Nevada Human Resources Association, Nevada Business Magazine and In Business Las Vegas. Start your path to a career with Comprehensive today.